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Ad Age Ad Lib

May 17, 2018

Earlier this year, John Seifert announced that Ogilvy would be undergoing a “refounding,” which he dubbed the shop’s “Next Chapter.” A 39-year veteran of the legendary agency, Seifert joins us to talk about what that entails. “Times are tough” he says in his surprisingly candid fashion. Not just at Ogilvy, but across the board — including for the agency’s clients. We discuss the encroachment of the consultancies into the advertising space. We’ll hear his take on his former boss, Martin Sorrell, and what his departure from WPP means for the holding company. We also get to hear some personal stories about David Ogilvy himself and why, as a child of a single mother in 1950s, the #MeToo and Times Up/Advertising movements resonate with Seifert personally.