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Ad Age Ad Lib

Apr 19, 2018

Under the hood of the Drudge Report, and other conservative sites like it — including Political Insider, Smith & Wesson Forum and MRC Newscasters — is its advertising marketing firm Intermarkets. And under the hood of Intermarkets is Erik Requidan, vice president of programmatic strategy. In an era when the advertising community likes to talk about inclusivity and embracing divergent viewpoints, Requidan says he feels like the odd man out. He joins us on the Ad Lib podcast today to make the case for how Drudge and his other sites — for as video-free and Craigslist-looking as they still are — are actually innovative on the tech front. We get into ad blocking and key word filtering, how brands are often quick to blacklist certain points of view (especially in the current political climate) and how Intermarkets has dealt with its own brand safety issues.