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Ad Age Ad Lib

Aug 30, 2018

Michael Ventura wrote the book on empathy. Literally. The founder of the New York strategy and design consultancy Sub Rosa is a multi-hyphenate. When he’s not advising a portfolio of Fortune 500 clients and progressive start-ups, he is running an experiential shopping venture called Calliope with his wife, running an art gallery and event space, publishing a newsletter called La Petite Mort — the french expression for orgasm — and running an eastern and indigenous medicine and healing practice. Now he’s an author, too. His book “Applied Empathy” came out earlier this spring and aims to promote how empathy can be a competitive advantage in business. He joins us on this episode of Ad Lib to discuss empathy, what he means by it, how he arrived at it as a guiding principle and how it’s won him some surprising clients, like West Point Military Academy.